It was hard for us to hire a full time bookkeeper in our business due to the size of the business. We needed someone to do our books, Myob, and accounts payables and receivables, yet we only needed someone for two days a week. We needed someone that was qualified to give the right reports and prepare our paperwork quarterly. VIP Bookkeeping was a great solution. Not only the staff is pleasant to deal with, but they know exactly what to do. They Provided reports that give us a clear picture on our financial status. They kept excellent records and we can count on them for accuracy. We highly recommend them.



VIP Bookkeeping was a great addition to our Vagabond Team. They took care of our Bookkeeping like a breeze. They set up the charts of accounts,set up our payroll, took care of Entries, Filing, Reports, Accounts Receivables and Payables and Payroll. I highly recommend them. 

Captain Pierre,